Great British Heritage

Inspiration, Philosophy & Knowledge

Vincent Hartley, the founder of Hartley Botanic, was a revolutionary engineer first inspired by the architectural triumph of William Paxton’s Crystal Palace. This inspiration, in turn, led him to create the most advanced glasshouse of the 20th century.­­

Hartley’s original philosophy has been handed down through the generations – leading to the foundation of Apropos Conservatories; arguably the UK's preeminent­specialist in ­bespoke aluminium structures which create contemporary extensions for modern buildings and homes.­

This evolution now continues through Atelier Garden Studios, which takes the works of Vincent Hartley, Hartley Botanic and Apropos ­to the next level of design, through the combination of modern materials and techniques in the construction of our exclusive garden studios.

Atelier studios are developed and built, in the UK, ­to the highest standards through state of the art design, time honoured precision engineering skills and true passion for the work we do, in order to achieve extraordinary architecture.

Lifestyle Idea

Desires, Technology & Culture

As our lifestyles become increasingly compartmentalised division by function is reflected across our homes. Today, even modest homes are divided into subsections; living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, breakfast rooms, kitchens, laundries and so on. For those lucky elite this process continues in larger suburban homes with gymnasiums, libraries, bars and games rooms.

And so, in response to new lifestyle desires, advances in technology and an increasing demand for distinctly modern, customisable, luxury spaces ­Atelier Garden Studios takes this to the next level through the design and construction of highly efficient and contemporary garden studios.

Our Creative Vision

Sustainable, Stylish & Adaptable

We wanted to create something different. We wanted to create something better. We started with a clean sheet, throwing all of our preconceptions about these kinds of structures out of the window. We set out to create something that was sustainable, stylish, flexible, functional and future proofed. We had state of the art digital tools at our fingertips; from structural analysis programs to building energy analysis tools and rapid prototyping machines.

It all started with a sketch. Clear lines and an intention to meld the internal and external environments. The lightness and strength­of aluminium is combined with crystal clear glass to create a luxurious space which is both inside and outside at once­.­­The selection of all other materials and hardware had to fit with our design ideals – we only wanted the best. These materials form each modular component of the Atelier range – making all options as strong and durable as the whole and allowing you to configure the design that’s right for you.

The Perfect Solution

We have created a series of customisable components and a large choice of finishes. Through styling which nods to our Apropos cousins and precision design strategies perfect for the 21st century consumer Atelier Garden Studios combine the best of both worlds – whilst helping to separate yours.

Variable in size and endlessly adaptable, ­Atelier Garden Studio's are a subtle exercise in the balance of aesthetics and function; between attention to high technology and natural materials; family life and relaxation space.

Individual structures can be configured in ways that express your individuality and personal needs. Whether permanently situated in an urban plot or located in an open garden landscape the Atelier series ­accommodates a wide range of needs and functions.

The infinite permutations­of our modular components ­allow you to customise your ­freestanding structure to suit you, and your intended purpose, perfectly – opening up endless possibilities for your outdoor living space. ­Let's make it personal!­

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