At Atelier Garden Studios, we know, that only by diversifying our talent can we ever reach our full potential. This is why each of our team members brings something unique to the drawing board – notwithstanding their innovation & passion.


Michael Barnes

Managing Director
  • Really passionate about…. business and sport
  • Really good at….. self-deprecation
  • Really likes being…. part of a winning team
  • Happiest when… our customers are happy

Ian Briscall

Head of Manufacturing
  • Really passionate about… achieving high standards; Manchester United
  • Really good at… finding solutions outside the norm.
  • Really likes being… involved as part of the team
  • Happiest when… all the family and friends are together.

Mark Snowdon

Head of Technical & Product Development
  • Really passionate about… aesthetics
  • Really good at… concept design
  • Really likes being… creative
  • Happiest when… finding a solution

Cheryl Stevenson

Head of Customer Services
  • ­Really passionate about… seeing our designs come to fruition, it’s rewarding knowing you’ve been a part of it.
  • Really good at… trying to organise everyone else!
  • Really likes being… on holiday, anywhere that’s a new place to explore. A traveller not a tourist!
  • Happiest when… I’m with my young family, apparently you never get these years back.

Brendan Day

Head of Sales
  • Really passionate about…. family, design, and my 3 legged Staffy
  • Really good at….. listening to clients - not listening to my kids
  • Really likes being…. part of the team or­working alone
  • Happiest when… toasting completed projects

Lindsay Smith

Sales Team Manager
  • Passionate about… our creative designs, seeing the end product once installed.
  • Good at… being organised.
  • Really likes being… part of the team.
  • Happiest when… my team are happy!

Hannah Barnes

Marketing & PR Manager
  • Really passionate about…. homes & interiors.
  • Really good at….. finding the story.
  • Really likes being…. at the writing desk.
  • Happiest when… I’m being creative.

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