Our Garden Studios can change the way you live, work, rest and play - but we can also change your world.


The Legacy

At Atelier our ethos has been handed down to us through the generations; from Vincent Hartley who patented his first aluminium structure in 1938, to the modern day Atelier - which creates Aluminium Garden Studios of outstanding quality and breathtaking design.­

Every one of our aluminium frames is precision engineered using many of the same methods Vincent Hartley first introduced and we pride ourselves on the enviable lineage his legacy brings us.­

Our heritage means that we value the time honoured skills of the past and strive to pass these skills on through apprenticeships and placements. If you'd like to discuss either of these with us get in touch today, we are always on the lookout for talented young people to join our team of ­master craftsmen.

Green Ideals

At Atelier we are very concerned with the environment and minimising the damage caused. This is why we use aluminium to form all of our frameworks and avoid wastage wherever possible.

Aluminium is endlessly recyclable and with our thermal break technology energy efficiency won't be a problem. Our range of specialist glasses can also help with thermal efficiency and allow natural light to flood your space - meaning you're less likely to use excess energy heating and lighting your studio.­

We also offer a paperless service conducted through email ­for every client and by taking this route we seek to save not only paper but the environment we live in.

Innovation & Values

Atelier Garden Studios is about much more than just our products; we want to change the way you work, live and think about your environment. We strive to innovate in both our product development and day to day business; helping combat climate change, valuing and talking with past and future clients and ensuring we nurture new talent.­

Atelier Garden Studios ­also champion British Manufacturing - with all of our Garden Studios designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Consider this your invitation to come and see how we work at our Manchester factory and see for yourself what truly Great British manufacturing can achieve.­

Sustainable Sources

All of the cedar used in our optional cladding, one of the many customisation options we offer, ­is cut from sustainable sources and utilized with as little wastage as possible to remain in keeping with the natural aesthetic of Atelier - we don't see any point in abusing the gifts nature gives us in order to duplicate her aesthetics.­­

Our sources are all accredited by the FSC and no chemicals are needed to treat and maintain the material. You can oil it if you wish but we recommend letting the natural effects of silvering take hold in order to create a feel of synergy between your Atelier Garden Studio and the place it calls home.­


We’re always available to help, so if you have any ideas or queries, why not discuss them with a member of our team today?


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