With an expert knowledge of all things glass and aluminium, we're here to make the process of designing and installing your new garden studio as simple as possible.


The Atelier Process

Choose Your Style

First up, you'll want to decide which of our three customisable garden studios best suits you, the space you have in mind, and your budget. Atelier have a range of 3 customisable modern garden studios; The Vista, The Horizon & The Panorama, each of which offer a slightly different space for you to make your own. We also offer a fourth, entirely bespoke option, for those looking to really let their creative juices flow. Once you've picked your perfect place to relax, work or play - get in touch with our team of experts to be sure your chosen studio meets all of your requirements, and fine tune the details of your design. 


Customize Your Studio

Now the real fun can begin! Alongside your atelier design consultant, you can now begin customising your garden studio. Deciding on which colours and finishes you want to incorporate into your design is an important part of your atelier garden studio journey. At this point, you'll need a clear idea of how you want to use the space, in order to best dictate which finishes will work best for you. For example, cool, calming colours can aid relaxation in a spa or yoga setting whereas aluminium panels will help prevent glare, should you wish to work from your studio. 

Place Your Order

Now that you've finalised all of your plans and customised your chosen atelier garden studio to your taste and purpose, it's time to place your order with your dedicated atelier design consultant. Here, you'll be given the chance to go over your customisations once more and check that everything is as it should be, before signing off on your final order. Once your order has been place you can expect a lead time of 8-10 weeks for customisable studios, or 12-14 weeks for a bespoke order. Should planning permission be required, please bear in mind that this will add around 10 weeks to these timings. 

Architectural Drawings

After recieving the finalised details of your customised garden studio, we will begin to prepare your architectural drawings for you. These will be needed for the installation of your baseworks, and should also be shared with your electrician and any other tradesmen you may have brought on board for extra comforts such as underfloor heating etc. With your architectural drawings in hand, you'll be able to begin envisioning your new garden studio space, and have access to all the information you need to prepare your space, and your tradesmen, for the upcoming installation. 

Planning & Building Regulations

This is not ordinarily needed, but once we have your order and all of your specifications are signed off, we will begin, where neccessary, the process of applying for planning permission on your behalf. As garden studios now fall within your permitted development rights, in most cases, this step won't be neccessary. However, if for whatever reason this stage is neccessary, we'll take on all of the paper work and liaise with your local council. Our aim is to make the planning process, where required, as simple as possible for you, which is why we're happy to handle the whole thing for you.

Prepare The Space

As soon as we hear back from your local council, if planning permission is required for your new garden studio, you can begin preparing the base works in readiness for installation. You can begin this step as soon as we accept your order. Our team will be happy to advise you on the specific type of base needed to ensure your garden studio will be structurally sound, thermally regulated and ready to stand the test of time. You can also find out more here. 

Made To Order

Whilst your baseworks are being prepared on site, we'll be hard at work custom manufacturing your specified garden studio. Atelier garden studios are extremely proud of the time honoured, precision engineering skills we still employ today, and we encourage you to come and have a look at your chosen garden studio and tour our factory. We'll keep you informed at all major stages of manufacture and work effciently and expertly to manufacture your garden studio to only the highest standards.


When your chosen installation date comes around, our specilist installation team will arrive on site to install your new garden studio. Once again, we work efficiently and effectively to get your garden studio installed with as little disruption to you as possible. Once we've completed your installation, we'll tidy the area, pack up our things and be out of your hair! The scale of your structure will dictate the installation schedule, but we'll advise you of your personal time frame when finalising your order.

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