Atelier Garden Studios offer a unique and innovative new concept in space and design - changing the way you live forever.


A Heritage to be Proud of

Atelier Garden Studios has a wealth of architectural and design knowledge ­stretching back over 75 years to Vincent Hartley; who patented his first aluminium greenhouse design in 1938.­

Since then our glass and aluminium structural design has come a long way. Atelier Garden Studios ­remain ­­true to Hartley's ­ideals and time honoured ­­expertise ­whilst refusing to be left behind by­ modern innovations and exciting new technology.­

This is true also of our sister company; Apropos, whose award winning bespoke ­glass and aluminium structures offer some of the slimmest sight lines around and exceed many industry standards for thermal insulation and heat loss (as do we!).­

Atelier offers the best of both worlds; ­with knowledge of the past and an eye to the future.­


The Next Level

At Atelier we are constantly improving and innovating. With an eye to the future we ensure all of our garden studios offer the very best in technological advances and design ideals. From solar controlled glazing, to automatic ventilation and glass that will clean itself we are confident that our Atelier Garden Studios offer the very best aesthetics, performance and convenience.­

Atelier Garden Studios are here to change the way you live, not make your life harder. If there's something in particular you feel our studios would benefit from get in touch with us today - we're always on the lookout for new ideas and solutions.­

Why Atelier?

Precision Design, Luxury Spaces
  • Only the highest quality materials­
  • Over 50 years experience ­of architecture in glass
  • An enthusiastic & innovative design team­
  • ­Free & friendly design help & guidance
  • Great British manufacturing
  • Sourcing only from sustainable materials­


We’re always available to help, so if you have any ideas or queries, why not discuss them with a member of our team today?


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