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Top Tips/ 11 May 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

5 Ways A Garden Studio Will Change Your Life

An Atelier Garden Studio can do many things. It can be whatever you want it to be, much like a Kinder Bueno, except with a huge ‘not for human consumption’ disclaimer, and the actual ability to make it be whatever you want it to be (try doing that with a Kinder Bueno).

Suitable for use as a home office, gym, relaxation space or architectural ego-boost, our garden studios offer you the freedom to do your thing, whatever that may be. We offer a fully customisable range of studios, giving you the chance to design a space that works for you, and looks absolutely amazing.

Particularly popular with people looking to leave behind the rat race and escape to somewhere better suited to their work or life styles, an Atelier Garden Studio can seriously change your life. Here are a few examples of how:

1. No More Commuting

What could you do with a few more hours to yourself? A lot more than you can do wedged under a fellow commuters unpleasant armpit on the 6AM train or crawling along the motorway at speeds better suited to a sloth than a busy professional. We rest our case.

2. A Calmer Outlook

Taking back control of your commute is only the start. How does taking back control of your entire life sound? No more being held hostage by Dave in accounts account of his weekend antics, no more hiding in the toilet cubicle to get away from Sandra’s constant snuffling. Your garden studio is your saviour.

3. The Balancing Act

Not only will your colleagues’ nasty habits be long gone, you’ll also get the added benefit of choosing when and how you work. Presentism is dead and with a garden office to work from, you’ve got no one to answer to but yourself, so there is absolutely no point sitting around and ‘looking busy’. So long as you can self-motivate when you need to, you’re work life balance is set to seriously improve.

4. A Lighter Load

In order to thrive humans, much like our spiky green friends, need water, food and…natural light. Or, more specifically, steady doses of the Vitamin D natural light provides, which helps look after our mental wellbeing, productivity levels and motivation. Try soaking up the sunlight in your garden studio all day and getting nothing done – it’s virtually impossible.  

5. Peace of Mind

Maybe you work from home already. In which case you’re sat there checking off this list and wondering when we’re going to get round to changing your life. One of the biggest changes a garden studio brings, for those who already work from home (and those who don’t!) is the ability to firmly lock a door behind you when you’re done at your desk for the day. Conversely, a garden studio also provides a place to escape to and gain a little peace when deadlines loom. So, get out of the box room, and into the garden!

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