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Design Stuff/ 9 Nov 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

All About Atelier

The Oxford English Dictionary is a wonderful thing, unbeatable when it comes to provenance and pronunciation. It must be hard though, to keep all those definitions up to date. ‘Atelier’ may have had humble origins, but these days ‘workshop’ doesn’t quite cut it.


Bright, stylish, customisable and infinitely useful, the Atelier Garden Room offers you all the keys to success, however you choose to use yours. Crafted from your choice of glass, with a strong and durable steel frame and an appealing range of finishes; it’s easy to see why they have proven popular.

 Atelier's customisable, modular system, which allows you to develop an exceptional office space/workshop/studio/home gym/meditation suit/writing room/other uniquely suited to your needs, with or without input from designers - meaning that you should be able to get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Garden Studio
An Atelier Garden Studio makes the perfect place to relax come day or night.

Atelier Garden Studios uses the highest quality steel to ensure a strong and secure frame and allows you to choose exactly what type of glass that you would like to employ – self-cleaning, thermally enhanced, Switch Glass for privacy. You can also modify and customise the layout – both internally and externally – to suit your space requirements and site restrictions. You can have doors that fold & slide, welcoming the outside in, or shutting it securely out. When we say that the possibilities are endless, we really mean it!

Garden Studio

Just imagine the inspiration aplenty for any artist in this Atelier Garden Studio.

The benefit of a modular system is that you don’t need to be an expert to create your perfect space. If you would like one of the Atelier design team to help you they will, of course, be there. However, with our custom offering, it is possible for you to become your own architect and dream up a design that is inimitably yours.

At Atelier Garden Studios, helping our clients to create myriad personal spaces and seeing endless structures coming to fruition from our designers’ minds, is something we live for but watching you design your own, is something even better. 

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