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Lifestyle / 19 Jul 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

All The Room You Need.

UK starter homes are widely known as being the smallest in Western Europe, and yet with a shortage of affordable homes for first-time buyers, few of us can afford to be picky. We find ourselves faced with a compromise involving the weighing up of price, location and square footage.

Space is usually the first thing to go. Although we can adapt to live within smaller quarters, it’s not always the most comfortable or convenient of situations for the long-term and many of us will aim to upsize and relocate, even if we’re happy with everything else about our home.

If you’re facing this quandary at the moment, Atelier may be able to help. 
The move vs. improve debate is an old one, so we’ll not go into the pros and cons here, but if you’re erring on the side of improving, you might want to consider an Atelier garden room as a fuss-free, flexible, appealing and affordable solution to your space problem. 

Entirely customisable, Atelier garden studios are created from a modular system, which means that you can design your ideal extra room without employing an expensive architect, while ensuring that you get a high quality build incorporating everything you need. This unique versatility means that you can construct your garden room in the tightest of spots; they can be flush with the house or entirely separate, or hidden behind the shrubbery at the bottom of your long, narrow garden. Having said that, as you can design the studio to fit your personal tastes – straight lines, curvy corners, oak finish, gorgeous glazing – you probably won’t want it hidden from view after all!

Whether you’re craving a home study, office, dining room, snug, guest bedroom, or a more roomy and welcoming reception area, an Atelier suite could answer your needs. In fact, the only thing an Atelier really shouldn’t be used for is a nursery, as the sound-proofing that comes as standard with every garden room means that you’ll never hear your baby when it needs you... Although this may benefit you later on throughout the teenage years!

Regardless of what and where you buy, few people will find themselves in their ‘forever home’ first time round, but with an Atelier garden room you can extend the functional longevity of your property, as well as increasing its future resale value, so in the long run you get the very best of both worlds. 


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