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Seasonal/ 23 Jun 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

Atelier: Come Rain or Shine

Did you know that Atelier Garden Studios can be designed so that radiators can be integrated into the structure at the point of construction?

‘Why, no we didn’t!’ You might be saying.

Or, quite possibly, ‘Yes we did; why do you ask?’

‘Oh, no reason,’ we might reply, while shooting meaningful looks at the office thermostat, ‘we just thought it an interesting point to make, now that the weather’s turning... Have you noticed how chilly it’s been the last few mornings?’ You see, while we make Atelier garden rooms, with their high spec thermal performance and their inbuilt radiators, we’re actually working from a normal office and we’re lacking much of the Atelier luxury... Not that we’re jealous or anything... No, not us, no, no, nooooo, not at all!

If we were in an Atelier garden room right now, we’d be thinking about bringing in the kettle (assuming that it wasn’t already a permanent fixture!), ready to cosy down and watch the autumn leaves flutter by, with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand.  We’d have a microwave in one corner, ready for lazy lunches, and maybe a daybed, ready for postprandial naps.

If we were in an Atelier garden room right now, we’d be putting the fan away for another year, not that we really needed it in summer, with the glazed doors open wide and the fresh air flowing in, but it’s nice to feel that unexpected kiss of air on a still and sultry day.

If we were in an Atelier garden room right now, we’d be slowly emptying the fridge of cool drinks and filling it up with comfort food. Our minds may flirt with the months to come, and wonder if mulled wine works as well in the microwave, or whether we should bring in a worktop hob.

 If we were in an Atelier garden room right now we’d probably not be thinking about the blankets we’re thinking about now, because the temperature would be stable and the environment warm.

Of course, it’s not really cold at all yet, not even close; autumn is barely unfurling her cloak, so we’re sure that the office heating will kick in soon. Atelier garden rooms and studios however, are designed for use in all weathers and all seasons, meaning that come rain or shine, all you need worry about is where to put the kettle... and your arduous journey home, back up the garden path on a blustery, wet, autumn day.  

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