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seasonal/ 12 Oct 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Autumn In Your Atelier!

Autumn is here and it is once again time for woollen wear and massive cups of steamy stuff (uh ‘er!). Starbucks are merrily pumping pumpkins back into our lattes and the leaves are beginning to change their hues.

All in all, Autumn is a pretty nice time of year – a time to relax after the fun of summer and dig in ready for the colder climes of winter. But as the temperatures drop so do our hours of day light and before long we’ll be waking up to darkened skies and leaving the office as the sun sets. The daily commute is never fun, but on cold dark nights, when all you really want is to curl up at home, the commute becomes even more of a chore.

What if you could cut your daily commute down to say, under 5 minutes? With an Atelier Garden Studio, you can, and if you’re commute still takes longer than that – you’re lucky enough to own a small estate or else you’re going way to slow (how long is the commute currently taking you?!?).

We can’t do anything about daylight savings time but we can help save you a bit of time. With more and more people working from home the idea is no longer a far-fetched one - in fact studies show not only will you drop the commute, you’ll also gain a much more productive work style.

Unlike working from ‘the office’, one of the best things about Autumn in an Atelier Garden Studio is watching the sun go down through the panoramic glazing and knowing you don’t have to sit in traffic, heaters blowing, for the next hour. Instead, you can appreciate the sun rise in the mornings and the sunsets in the evenings simply for the beauty of them, without worrying about you daily commute!

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