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/ 12 Aug 2015 / By Emily Hirschmann

Best Dressed: Finishing Touches for your Atelier Garden Studio

The dressing of a garden studio should be influenced by its function; what need for chintz in a home gym? About as much need as an exercise bike in an office. However, while function should be a guide, it is not the only consideration. Created with clean lines, large windows and a consequent abundance of natural light, Atelier garden rooms lend themselves to a variety of aesthetics, but perhaps none more so than a modern melange.

Casual, functional and comfortable furnishings bring a relaxed air and a welcoming personality to a garden room intended for leisure. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite interiors finds to show what can be achieved with a little bit of contemporary comfort.

Seating is often the focus of interior design, but here we’ve opted for the simple elegance of an unadorned white sofa, not because it’s a trending colour of choice, but because it prevents this, the largest piece of furniture in the room, from dominating the space; the clean, neutral shade slips seamlessly into the garden room, coordinating with Atelier’s white gloss polycarbonate interior panels perfectly, and acting as a foil for the more stimulating accessories.

A Mellow Duck ottoman now takes pride of place, the popular purple tone adding interest to the room, while the article offers multifunctional comfort as footstool-cum-coffee-table. By removing the stolid shape of a hard wooden table the overall aesthetic of the room is softened. A cylinder side table dressed in Sandringham Teal, also from Mellow Duck, enhances the effect, bringing gentle curves to the angular design. Topped with an orchid – no room should be completely free of plants, if you can at all help it – this attractive table could be an ironic pastiche of a traditional decorative pilaster.

The secret to maintaining the cool serenity of a garden studio – or any other room – is to avoid filling it with clutter, which is where our friends at The Camouflage Company come in. As well as conventional storage in the form of an unobtrusive chest, here we’ve made use of their brown bags and boxes, keeping all of our accessories tidily contained, but if you’ve more of a mind for bringing the outdoors in, they have daisy designs, sunflowers, roses and long, luscious grass, as well as bold printed patterns, all created to conceal your stuff with style.­

Art work is meant to be among the most subjective aspects of interior design, and we’ve decided to adorn our walls with a personalised map of Atelier’s home town, Manchester, from Love Maps On. Elegant, original and decorative, this is one pretty picture that will never get old, combining, as it does, form and function.

Finally we finish with an important feature that may not occur to you in the daylight hours: lighting. With so much glazing you’ll never need additional light during the day, but thanks to The Solar Company you can maximise your Atelier garden studio’s full potential, by using some of that day light to brighten your nights with solar-powered spotlights. ­

Atelier garden studios can be put to almost any purpose, and dressed in almost any style. We’d love to see how you dress yours – post your pictures on our Facebook page to share the Atelier love.­

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