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/ 20 Apr 2015 / By Emily Hirschmann

Big Designs for Small Spaces

There’s a common misconception that big designs need big spaces. However, clever design, big or small, makes the most of the space you’ve got. It can turn a garden shed into a palace, or make an 90 foot barn feel cosy; and it’s a concept we cherish at Atelier. Our garden studios were originally conceived to help transform awkward dead spaces into fully functional, beautiful places, but while we can help you to create a perfect structure for your needs, with warm wooden cladding, thermal insulation and bright glazing, what you do to personalise your Atelier garden room is entirely down to you.

Atelier structures come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ve noticed that finding ways to enhance smaller spaces can confound some of our clients, so we thought we’d put together a few handy hints to get you started.

  1. The simplest place to start is to think of your Atelier garden studio as any other room in the house: it doesn’t need special treatment; it just needs a considered approach. Decide how you want to use it – and really, it can be used in almost any way, from office to bedroom – and treat it accordingly. So don’t leave those walls blank; decorate them!
  2. The beauty of a customisable garden room, like those made by Atelier, is that they can be adapted to suit your exact needs. This means that you can ensure that the structure is able to accommodate the furniture you require it to hold, whether artist’s equipment or a 60 inch television with sound bar, sub-woofer and a complete entertainments system.
  3. Don’t think small. Smaller items of furniture can make a room feel crowded and disjointed, you’re far better off making a statement and maximising the potential of the available space with comfortable, practical furniture.
  4. Think vertically. Whether you’re placing furniture or hanging art, make the most of the room height. Atelier’s are generally single storey due to planning restrictions, but vertical stripes, high shelves and sky lights can all create an illusion of height.
  5. Finally, it’s an obvious ploy regularly used by conservatory owners, but greenery can make a big aesthetic difference to spatial awareness. By bringing plants into your Atelier studio you are blurring the lines between indoors and out, making the room feel bigger.

Whatever you’re using your Atelier for, make sure that it’s right for you, by spending time on interior design – remember thatĀ­isĀ­possible to have big designs in small spaces.

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