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Top Tips/ 15 Feb 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Buying A Garden Studio: The Basics

Garden buildings have recently taken on a great multitude of guises - being used as offices, dens, music rooms, gyms, saunas and play houses. Up until a few years ago it used to be the traditional garden shed which would be used as an office or den. An eye sore, hidden down the bottom of the garden where (hopefully) no one would spot it, but with more and more contemporary options available, you can now be proud to show off your new timber clad garden buildings.

Choosing to customise your Atelier Garden Studio with cedar cladding is a stylish and practical choice. The traditional garden shed is no longer the only outdoor space available to you, and the addition of a modern garden studio, will inspire you far more than your dim-lit shed ever has.

Whatever you choose to use it for, a new garden studio is the perfect architectural replacement for your old shed. Many home owners are choosing to run businesses from them with fully installed heating, telephone and broadband whereas others are simply using the new space to extend their living quarters and provide a welcome escape from the chaos often found inside the main house.  Think of your garden room, as an extension to your home, to be used in whatever way you wish.

When looking to purchase a new garden building it is important to consider a few things. Firstly consider whether you are going to build the space yourself or call in the experts. This takes away the hassle of making time to build it and knowing how to build a timber garden building. At Atelier we offer the best of both worlds – offering advice, manufacturing and installing your garden studio, but allowing you to customise your design in a range of different ways.

It is important to look at planning permission and regulations before having your garden studio installed. Usually if it is a certain distance from your home and boundary walls and you can do not need extra living facilities; such as a bathroom, then planning permission and regulations are not required. Having said that, it is always worth checking with your supplier or local authority as to whether your timber garden building will require planning permission. You can find out more about Permitted Development and Building Regulations by downloading our handy guide here.

Finally it is important that budget is considered for any building project. Don’t just choose the cheapest timber option you can find as it may not be a suitable size or have any suitable additional features to suit your needs – such as Ateliers custom timber cladding, architectural fin or mix and match paint finishes. Try to set yourself a reasonable budget which won’t break the bank but can also get you the right garden studio for your needs.

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