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Chic Christmas/ 23 Dec 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Christmas Characters Who Need An Atelier Garden Studio In Their Lives!

It’s the last day in the office before the festive break, here at Atelier Garden Studios, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun on the blog. Our whole team has been going Christmas crazy over the past couple of weeks with hot topics including; the best Christmas jumper for #TextSanta, our favourite Christmas treats and, of course, our most loved Christmas movies and characters.

This train of thought led us down the rather bizarre path of discussing which Christmas characters could best do with an Atelier Garden Studio to improve their work, life balance, ensure they stay nice and toasty or even just cheer them up a bit – we’re looking at you Grinch! So grab yourself a warm mug of something, and get ready to relax over our list of Christmas characters who need an Atelier in their lives.

  1. First up it’s our furry friend The Grinch; a strong contender for best Christmas movie of all time, our office is unified in their love for this mean, green, Christmas stealing machine. We’re also unified in the idea that an Atelier Garden Studio, and a lot of natural light, in contrast to the dark dingy cave The Grinch spends most of his time in, would go a long way to sorting out his mood swings and could even save Christmas!
  2. Whilst not technically a Christmas character, Pingu too could benefit from an Atelier Garden Studio. We can’t help but think the lack of visual stimuli provided by an igloo offers the perfect explanation for Pingu, and the rest of his entire families, inability to speak. Pop them in an Atelier Garden Studio instead and they’d be multilingual in no time!
  3. We’ve spoken a lot about the increasing demand for personal space in our She Shed Revolution campaign, and there is no one who needs personal space more than Buddy the Elf (if only to give his New York based family a well-deserved break). The best thing about getting your own personal space to relax in is getting to know yourself, and we also think Buddy could benefit from just a smidge more self-awareness!
  4. Now, if the McCallisters had had the foresight to install an Atelier Garden Studio in what must be their Olympic sized back yard – the entire plot of Home Alone, could have ran very differently. Atelier Garden Studios are highly durable and resistant to a life time of hard knocks – so try as they may the two villains of the movie would have been unable to get at little Kevin, who could have simply cowered in the garden studio until his family returned.
  5. Finally, it’s the man himself; Father Christmas, who needs an Atelier Garden Studio more? With a work load the size of every child’s Christmas list combined and a work shop come home shared with millions of elves, Mrs Claus and a dozen reindeer things must indeed get cramped up at the north pole. What Santa needs is a space to separate his work and home lives – and a space to get away from them both!

Granted, the plots to all of these Christmas films would be very different had their characters been lucky enough to have an Atelier Garden Studio on hand. In fact, the lives of all Christmas characters would be vastly improved by the installation of a garden studio - but perhaps not their movies.

After all, what would The Grinch be without his mood swings? If he never stole Christmas, would it even need saving? And if Pingu could talk, perhaps we’d all think him a pompous prat. Buddy wouldn’t be Buddy without his co-dependency and Kevin McCallister would have never gotten up the courage to face the bad guys. We learn a lot from Christmas characters and their movies and a lot can be gained from the purchase of a customisable garden studio from Atelier, but perhaps we won’t extend our offering to the realms of fantasy just yet!   


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