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Top Tips/ 26 Nov 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Extending Your Growing Season

Here at Atelier Garden Studios we have a strong affinity with all things provided my mother nature – from the endlessly recyclable aluminium used in our frame works to the naturally silvered cedar we offer as an optional extra – every element of our design and build process takes inspiration from nature itself.

This affinity is never stronger than with the humble home garden – after all what would an Atelier Garden Studio be without the proper place to house it?

During winter, the garden often gets left behind – as Christmas and parties and keeping warm move up the priority list, getting out in the garden moves down. And there’s one main reason for that; the lack of sunlight throughout winter months means that very little will grow out there in the garden.

Part of the appeal, however, of a garden studio of any kind is the merging of a bright modern space with nature – and with an Atelier Garden Studio this is taken one step further thanks to the amount of glazing incorporated into our design. All of which means you have the perfect view of your garden year round. This view should be inspirational even in winter so we’ve put together a short, simple guide to extending your growing season!

How to Extend Your Growing Season:

  1. Protect Soil – To stop soil erosion through winter, protect your garden with a substantial layer of mulch. This will also ensure a faster heat up for your soil when you come to clear the mulch in spring.
  2. Provide Drainage – Good drainage for your soil is key. Some plants will remain in bloom throughout winter if proper drainage is provided.
  3. Use Protection – Use tarps, fleece jackets, cold frames and greenhouses or bring potted plants into your garden studio with you to protect the more fragile of your flock.
  4. Create Wind Cover– Again, if you think wind could be the main killer in your garden this winter, bring fragile plants indoors with you. An added benefit here is that they will purify the air within your Atelier Garden Studio and aid concentration.
  5. Work With What You Have – Do a little research and meteorology to determine the conditions of your garden throughout winter and select seeds and shrubs that will work well in these conditions.
  6. Get Planning – If a year-round view of your garden to inspire productivity sounds like just the thing – start now! Get everything in place throughout winter, get in touch with Atelier Garden Studios and come spring your garden will be the only place you want to spend your time (from within your Atelier Garden Studio, of course)

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