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Design Stuff/ 1 Mar 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Fashionably Green Garden Studios

Large amounts of focus throughout the past few years have very rightly been put on environmental change, with the urge for individuals and companies to think of the future and go green by reducing their carbon footprint and other methods.

The most obvious way for people to obtain more of their green credentials is through their homes with products such as garden studios, renewable energy sources and new insulation measures. The rise of recycling and reducing your carbon footprint has ensured people are not only more conscientious of what they buy, but also more vocal of their opinions of the products on offer.

Bearing this in mind, garden studios are becoming an alternative to the commute and as a generation raised on dreams of 'having it all' many people now want a full time job without loosing out on time with the family - this has resulted long scale commutes to and from city offices. Garden studios allow people the notion of having it all, only without the commute. Rather than having an indoor office to accommodate their resources, taking up their personal room, they have a garden studio - a space allocated to their work needs. This garden studio allows them a haven when their working to focus on their targets, without the hassle that usually accompanies working from home.

Now that people understand its fashionable to be green, garden studios are experiencing a rise in popularity. Whilst garden studios are marketed as work spaces, they can be used alternatively- children’s playrooms, parents sanctuaries, music rooms etc.  The stylish design which keeps the product line in sync with each other, ensure the garden studios will be a complimentary addition to any home, regardless of their reasons behind the addition.

Atelier Garden Studios, though, take this ethos further - sourcing materials from sustainable sources and using the endlessly recyclable magic of aluminium to shrink our own carbon footprint, as well as our clients. We also offer specialists glaxing options, which can reduce your reliance on traditional lighting and heating methods and thermally broken extrusions to ensure your garden studio does not leak heat during winter and warm up to boiling point in summer. 

So, why not consider saving time, and emissions on your commute with a fashionably green garden studio from Atelier?

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