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Design Stuff/ 5 Jul 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

Form & Function: The Atelier Way

In 1896, Louis Sullivan uttered some words which, thus far, have proved immortal; ‘... that form ever follows function. This is the law.’

The premise made sense; after all, time and again nature has shown the adage to be true; each flower has evolved to attract appropriate pollinators, the fact that they look good is a bonus for human observers, but really beside the point.

Modern thinking, however, has taken a slightly different path. It began with Frank Lloyd Wright’s assertion that Sullivan was misunderstood, and he posited the theory that ‘form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.’

That is the path that Atelier have been treading since the brand’s inception in *2010*. We continue along that path today.

Garden studios have long been thought things of utility. They were developed by artisans as places in which to create, rather than being seen as creations themselves. Utilities, after all, need not please the senses, so long as they serve their purpose. At Atelier, we can’t help but ask one question though; if a studio fails to inspire, is it really serving its purpose? We would argue, no.

Psychologists have found that a stimulating environment alters the way that we learn, work and heal for the better. The visual aspects of our environment impact upon us in much the same way that the physical elements do: if we are too cold or too hot we tend to lose focus on our work. If our seat causes us back pain, or our desk is too small we will be less productive than if the temperature is temperate and our tools effective. If our workplace offers nothing to inspire our minds, our thoughts will wander and productivity will fall.

This is at the heart of Atelier. When we began, we wanted to create something different. We wanted to create something better than the tired old portacabins that lurked embarrassedly at the bottom of home-worker’s gardens. We wanted to make something that appealed on a visual level, as well as a practical one. And we wanted our clients to have the confidence in their new garden studios that only comes from the finest materials and engineering expertise. With our fully customisable Atelier garden rooms, we believe that we have achieved that.

Form may follow function, but if function pays no attention to form can that function truly be achieved? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.


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