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Working From Home / 29 Mar 2016 / By Richard Ashton

Garden Offices: Taking Care Of Business

Garden offices have become hugely popular in recent years, as places to work away from the hustle and bustle of the office or the distractions of the home. And, as their popularity has grown, so has the different uses garden offices are required for.

In this article, Atelier will consider the uses for garden offices, the different types of business uses for garden offices, and the possibilities that are open for using garden offices as the base for running your new businesses.

Garden offices are proving extremely popular for homeworking – or shedworking, as the practise is termed by some and it’s easy to see why. Garden offices provide a sanctuary against the distractions of the typical office, whilst ensuring those distractions are not merely replaced by new ones from the home. Furthermore, garden offices are cheap to maintain. Atelier’s garden offices require virtually no maintenance and cost, on average, just £3-4 per m² per year to heat.

Furthermore, in an age of wireless and cloud technology, garden offices are easy to connect to web technology, meaning the office is not disconnected from the main body of your company or your employees and co-workers.

This also means that for the one-off price of a family car, garden offices can house companies’ entire operations. The potential for such work from garden offices is open to any company that is primarily internet driven, office-based, and/or deals with clients on a one-to-one basis. For instance, accountants, solicitors, boutique PR firms, web and events companies and, basically, any small or start-up businesses.

However, other business types can be run from garden office buildings with a few bespoke adaptations. Beauticians can house their spa rooms in garden offices. Hairdressers can house their salons in garden offices. Even dentists, chiropodists, and doctors can provide a more personal touch from undertaking their work from garden offices.

With a little consideration of individual business requirements, contemporary garden offices can make perfect bases from which to work, whatever the scale of the business.

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