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Seasonal/ 28 Dec 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

Going for Greens – the Suburban Kitchen Garden.

OK, that’s Christmas done for another year! Despite the fact that the worst of the winter weather is surely yet to come, it’s time to think about spring and the pleasure of a well-tended garden. Contrary to popular belief, late winter is one of the most exciting times of year for the serious gardener; it’s when we make our plans. There is a feeling of possibility and latent expectation as we look at our apparently lifeless plots and decide what will come next.

There is an argument that the kitchen gardener gets the greatest pleasure of all; the anticipation of planting seeds, the contentment of nurturing and seeing the beauty unfold, then the satisfaction of a meal entirely of your own creation. Best of all, it’s something that practically anyone can do; if you have the space for a few pots on your patio you can make a seriously good start.


The Atelier concept was made for the garden, so it’s hardly surprising that it's a space which plays a huge part in what we do. Our garden studios seek to merge with nature and create an inspirational space, from which you can work or relax. The views of your surrounding garden are intrinsic to this and the inclusion of suburban kitchen garden is a great way to get a little more hands on.


There is a unique satisfaction that comes from stepping out into gorgeous greenness and selecting your ingredients for the family table. Not only does it save money – one packet of £1.99 seeds can give you enough salad leaves to see you through summer – but growing your own reduces food miles and pollution, provides healthier food for your family – you can make it chemical-free – and it really does taste better. Everyone knows that a warm, garden-grown tomato is bursting with flavour, but did you know that home-grown sweetcorn tastes better too? The longer the fruit is separated from the plant, the more sugars die, making supermarket corn bland in comparison.

Owning a kitchen garden is often an aspiration. With the help of a few green fingers, you can make it a reality. So go on, make plans; that’s what winter is for!

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