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Top Tips/ 2 Mar 2016 / By Digital Blobs

How to Choose the Perfect Modern Garden Room for Your Budget

A garden room makes a beautiful addition to any home, creating a haven to escape from the stresses of modern life, regardless of the weather outside. But with such a range of options available it can be difficult to know where to start looking and planning.

As with the majority of things in life, your budget is likely to play a major role in the type of garden room available. That certainly doesn't mean there'll be any compromise though; the range available means that a stunning garden room is achievable with any budget. Differences in overall cost come down to simple factors such as the style of roof, the amount of glazing and the frame used.

Simple, understated structures are perfect for those with a modest budget. A lean-to conservatory for example, provides a beautiful addition to the home, without breaking the bank. It's straight forward, all-glass structure makes construction less complicated than others, therefore bringing labour and materials costs down. But that doesn't mean it compromises on anything else; a lean-to conservatory offers all the benefits of a garden room and makes an ideal greenhouse too. It's also great for those with limited space or those who don't feel they need to extend their home too far. If you are looking for something with a little more impact, a reverse lean-to conservatory has all the same benefits, but with the roof angled upward from the house, providing much more visual impact.

A bespoke conservatory offers great flexibility for mid-range budgets. Going bespoke will give you the opportunity to tailor your conservatory exactly to your needs and space. Perhaps you would like a wraparound garden room to ensure you use up the least possible garden space, or maybe a conservatory which is big enough to hold large dinner parties. There are a wide range of options and you'll find that swapping materials and technical additions will alter the price significantly too, so it's worthwhile doing some research to ensure you get the most for your budget.

If money is no object or you have large amounts to play with, the options really are endless. An orangery or bespoke glass extension are two luxurious options which can be tailored to your needs. An orangery was once seen as a statement of wealth and added to large stately homes as a greenhouse-cum-conservatory, playing a key part in tours of the house. If you're looking for something extra special or totally different, a bespoke glass extension provides a whole manner of options, whether you want to extend existing rooms, create extra rooms such as a glass pool house, or even replace existing walls with glass to completely change the dynamics of your home.

It is worthwhile remembering that garden room conservatories have many functions, they don't necessarily have to be just a space to relax and enjoy your garden. Many people now treat them as they would a home extension, expanding the space of an existing room or creating a much needed extra room for work, play or socialising.

Before you set the wheels in motion, be sure to do some research and look at the abundance of garden room extension ideas. Not only will they give you a good idea about what's out there, they might give you a bolt of inspiration too!

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