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Office Studio / 14 Oct 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

How to Create A Productive Home Office

When planning a home office, it’s tempting to simply fill the space with items you’d expect to see in an office – a few filing cabinets, some box files, enough stationary to last until the next coming and a printer circa 1992 – but how often do we really use all of these mythical office essentials?

We know we should, but in reality with technological advances we don’t need the same things we used to equate with a productive office in order to have one.

Atelier Garden Studios represents a thoroughly modern way to work – tapping in to the rising trend for remote work stations and jobs which can be handled from home. So we advocate modernising your home work space for maximum productivity – not just the appearance of it.

Here are our top tips on how to do a home office well:

  1. Forget about the filing.
    With cloud back up and countless ways to store our data the days of ugly filing cabinets and grim grey box files should be far behind us. By moving your filing system to an online platform, you’ll save yourself tons of space, not to mention time – plus, it’s far more environmentally friendly. There are tons of paperless storage solutions out there so be sure to shop around and find the best one for you before going paperless.
  2. Get a Little Green Fingered.
    If you’re working from an Atelier Garden Studio you’ll be one step ahead here as, depending on the outdoor space you have, you’ll most likely be surrounded by your garden and thus some greenery. It’s still worth bringing some inside though to help filter your air and liven up your space. You’re much more likely to remain productive throughout the day in a space which stimulates all of your senses!
  3. Make It Your Own

Last but not least inject some of your own style and personality into your home office. It’s your home office after all so it doesn’t need to feel like a clinical, corporate space. Instead, get some soft furnishings in readiness for tea breaks or introduce some of your favourite art work. Add finishing touched to make the place feel like your own and you’ll be much less inclined to bolt at 5PM for the sanctuary of your plush living room.

Creating a productive home office differs for all of us, but one thing worth remembering is that even the corporate office is changing its colours fast – Google have a slide in their HQ after all!

No longer must your office be a dreary space filled with nothing but the whirring of machines. By breaking down the boundaries between home and work space slightly you can, in fact, create a much better work/life balance in the long run!

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