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Top Tips/ 4 Jan 2017 / By Emily Hirschmann

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions with Atelier.

We’re only a few days into 2017, but we have to ask – have you broken your New Year’s resolutions yet?  Don’t be embarrassed; you’re not alone! Surveys have revealed that roughly three quarters of British adults will have given up on their yearly resolves within a fortnight of New Year’s Eve, with January 10th being the most common day for lapsing.

What are the reasons? Well, most resolutions involve either doing something that we don’t like to do, or stopping doing something that we enjoy. If doing more exercise, for example, is something that you feel warrants a New Year pledge, the chances are that you weren’t doing enough of it beforehand  because, actually, the prospect of getting hot, sweaty and out of breath in public is not something that fills you with joy! Equally, it could be that you lacked the resources; the nearest gym is a 40 minute drive away and you don’t feel safe going for a run in the dark after work.

Obviously, will power, dedication, and the simple matters of time and energy also come into play where keeping resolutions is concerned. While we can’t ‘resolve’ all of your problems, an Atelier could help.

5 Common Resolutions Atelier Can Help You Keep

  • Do more exercise – If you can’t get to a gym, or you simply don’t enjoy exercising in public, an Atelier garden room could provide the perfect solution, giving you the space you need to exercise freely, on your terms, without an audience. The sound-proofed structure would allow you to play music and workout without disturbing the neighbours, and yet still be in easy reach of home. 
  • Spend more time with the family – This one is easier said than done when you lead a busy working life. An Atelier could make the ideal games room, cinema suit, or ‘family room’ that you can gather together in on a regular basis, giving you the quality time you need.
  • Quit smoking – They say that one of the keys to giving up cigarettes is finding an interest to replace the craving. Planning and designing the perfect Atelier could be enough in itself to get you started, but then you have whatever you’re using the new structure for to keep you going – billiards room, gym, music studio, artist’s atelier!
  • Learn to relax – An Atelier makes an excellent bolt-hole to retreat to when life gets a bit too much. Whether listening to whale music, doing yoga, playing the drums, or painting is your thing, an Atelier garden room could give you the breathing space you need.
  • Be your own boss – Self-employment is a dream for millions, but it comes with many practical difficulties. One of the major problems is where to work from. A customised Atelier garden studio could give you the rent-free space you need, with all the mod-cons, literally within walking distance of your home, while providing that much-needed degree of separation which keeps the work-life balance in check.

On average, most people will have failed to stick to the same resolution a disappointing four times. Why not make this year the exception to the rule? 

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