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Top Tips/ 8 Jun 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

How to select a site for your build?

Creating a garden room, studio, or home office has become surprisingly simple in recent years. You no longer have your work cut out grappling with bits of two by four down in the shrubbery. You don’t need to negotiate with dodgy tradesmen, or even – with the advent of the Atelier design system – spend any time arguing with architects. Instead, you can have fun, creating your own unique design, then wait for us experts to assemble it for you. It’s all very easy and enjoyable.

There is, however, one area that still raises many questions – how do you choose where to site your new structure? Location is as important as size and scale. You want your Atelier to be easily accessible, but you don’t want it to block the light, or upset your neighbours. You need it to be secure, but you also want it to look like it belongs to your garden. Through the years we’ve picked up a few pointers, so we thought we’d use this opportunity to share them with you.

5 Tips for Site Success

  • Accessibility – For most people the benefit of an atelier is that it is sited on their land, but detached from their home, delivering privacy. Without a decent path however, your lovely new building will soon become a muddy morass. Consider year-round access before you start.
  • Work with your garden, not against it – If you take into account your garden’s contours you will save yourself much time and expense. While it is possible to build on a slope by shoring up the land and creating a platform, it’s far simpler to build where it’s already level.
  • Don’t fight nature – If the last few winters have shown us anything, it is that in a fair fight nature will always win, so don’t select an area that becomes easily water-logged. Not only does this bring the obvious risk of flooding your new Atelier garden room, but it could push the water further towards your home, or your neighbours.
  • Consider aspect and elevation – If you want to make the most of natural light and warmth, it makes clear sense to have any windows on the south and west walls, but you also need to take into account any views you want to frame and your/your neighbour’s privacy. This is also important when building within your permitted development rights, which you can find out more about here.
  • Tree-location – The image of a shady work room sheltered under mighty boughs has a certain romance, but the reality brings its own problems. Are tree roots going to interfere with the building’s foundations? Is that inviting shade going to become an enshrouding gloom? Will your roof become clogged with fallen leaves every autumn? All points worth considering if you want to get the best from your new building investment.

    You can find out more information on where best to place your new Atelier Garden Studio here. 

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