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Customization/ 17 Nov 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Make It Your Own

Individuality is something that we, as people of the 21st century, value very highly. Since the rise of the individual way back in the 18th century, understanding ourselves as unique is something every human in the modern world battles with.

Until the enlightenment period we were all pretty happy to think of ourselves as a communal body, and whilst we still do this to some extent, our communities are now made up of recognised individuals – each with their own personal wants, needs, desires and world views.

At Atelier Garden Studios we recognise, and celebrate, this individuality. We believe that the rise of the individual directly affected the rise of ingenuity, engineering and scientific thinking – and specifically, our fore fathers Joseph and Vincent Hartley, in their pursuit of revolutionary aluminium framework for glass structures.

With a lineage so firmly entrenched in the history of individuality, it is no wonder then, that we pitch our stall firmly on this idea. We would go so far as to say, in fact, that without the ingenuity of the 18th century individual Atelier Garden Studios would not exist today.

This is why we are so proud of the grand history which got us here, but in a world of 3D printing and off the peg clothing, is there still room for the individual? At Atelier Garden Studios we believe there will always be a place for individuality and unique thinking in the world.

We, therefore, ensure that our customisable garden studios offer something for every individual; you can clad your space using cedar or aluminium, choose from a wide range of mix and match textures and colours, design your interior to perfectly suit its purpose, and, when you’re done, you can use the space to develop your individuality and unique creativity!

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