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Top Tips / 13 Apr 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

Making Modern Glazing Transparent

If you are about to design a studio with us to enhance your home – by creating a new space to relax, office, work space or  garden room - the need to understand glass  may seem transparently obvious, but it’s not as clear cut as you might think.

Architectural trends for glass have pushed the manufacturing boundaries to ever greater heights, yet for something so hard and durable, glass can be surprisingly flexible.

When customising your Atelier garden studio, therefore, you need to focus as much on the glass as the structure that surrounds it or the style you choose to go with; we offer three standard studios; The Vista, The Panorama & The Horizon as well as an entirely bespoke option.

It could well be that the many choices of specialise glass types we offer, are capable of far more than you realise.

You can find out more about all of the surprising specialist glasses we can offer here.

You possibly already know about self cleaning and solar reflective glass; you only need look at the glass walkways and other supporting structures around the world to see how strong modern innovations in glazing can be, and how far the industry in general has come in creating adhesive structures and supporting frames.

In the UK, we have other climate considerations to challenge the strength of the high quality glass we use in all Atelier Garden Studios:  such as ensuring they can withstand snow-load and avoiding glare from the winter sun if you wish to use your new space as a garden office.

However for the experts at Atelier and their vast technologies this poses no challenge as we continue to take our glass and aluminium garden studios to new levels of design and innovation; without losing sight of the practical considerations.

You might not ever want a home completely made of glass – a growing trend in some parts of the world – but when it comes to creating more living space, an office, or a garden room, it’s time to give glass its chance to shine.

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