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She Shed/ 27 Nov 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Man Cave Vs She Shed

We’ve been talking a lot about the She Shed recently; having discovered that the women of the UK are now claiming their own personal space in the home like never before, but what about the fore running Man Cave?

The Man Cave popped into existence, as far as we’re aware, just before the rise of the She Shed and yet public perception suggests that the two spaces could not be more different. Where the Man Cave is, as the name suggests, a dark space akin to the subterranean parts of our planet, the She Shed brings to mind light, bright airy spaces within which ultimate productivity, creativity or simple relaxation can be achieved.

To discover such distinct differences in the two private spaces, was actually rather surprising, as both the She Shed and the Man Cave derive from what is fundamentally the same idea – gaining personal space in the home. At Atelier, we’ve never been particularly convinced that the two sexes come from opposing planets – but one glance at the results of our She Shed survey, and you’d be hard pushed to say otherwise.

If our personal sanctuaries reflect our planetary heritage then the She Shed is most definitely from Venus; the lightest and brightest of our planets, whereas the Man Cave might be better suited to Tres-2B, a recently discovered alien planet, wherein the only light comes from a central red glow (just like the standby button on all that tech) and is blacker than any planet or moon yet discovered – which is pretty cool, and certainly the perfect setting for some privacy.

When it comes to the two types of personal space, however, that’s about as far as we can take gender stereotypes, which pretty much fall apart once a discussion of how we use our She Sheds and Man Caves begins.

The She Shed in general is much more closely related to women in business than its masculine counterpart and once again this perception shines through in our She Shed Survey. The Man Cave, conversely, is strongly related to down time and escapism with cinema systems, gaming hubs, old fashioned games rooms and even garden pubs cropping up under the banner of the Man Cave. All in all, the Man Cave, is therefore predominantly seen as a place to play.

Although, with far fewer men laying claim to personal space within the home, unlike the X% of women who can boast having done so, the Man Cave seems a much lower priority to them than the She Shed does to women. This backs up the idea of the She Shed being a more productive space – somewhere women need, rather than simply desire, in order to create successful businesses and further their creative pursuits.

The She Shed revolution therefore is very much a revolution in the way women work, rest and play but just because the Man Cave plays a less dominant, active role in the lives on men this does not mean that the revolution will leave them behind!

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