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Top Tips/ 12 Apr 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Planning Permission 101

A common grey area when looking to purchase a garden studio is whether or not you need to submit a planning application. Planning permission for garden studios varies depending on factors such as area, size, style and materials – but you can access all the information you need over on the planning portal, as put together by the government, which advises homeowners on what is required for your garden studio.

We’ll also cover some of the basics with you below, so that you can put the long weekend to good use and get started with your garden studio project.

Planning Permission

Garden studios will usually not requiring planning permission subject to the following limits and conditions:

  • Garden studios are to be single storey and have a maximum height of 2.5m with two metres boundary of the main property.

  • A garden studio should cover no more than half the area of land around the main property.

  • Any listed buildings will require planning permission for a garden studio.

Building Regulations

Building regulations will not normally apply if you’re looking to install a garden studio at your property, providing that the building is between 15m² - 30m² and contains no sleeping accommodation. It is also required that the garden studio should be at least one meter away from the main property or any boundary lines.

All building regulations and planning permission have exemption to the rules and are subject to change. To ensure that your garden studio falls within the rules and regulations of planning and building regulations, have a word with our experts or contact your local planning authority.

Permitted Development

Often, a garden studio can be constructed at your property without the need for the hassle of a lengthy planning application. Instead, your garden studio can be designed and installed within your permitted development rights – so long as you heed the guidelines.

To help you better understand your Permitted Development Rights we’ve put together our free guide, which talks you through all the information you need in order to avoid planning permission for your garden studio - get yours here

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