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Top Tips/ 1 Feb 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Planning Your Garden Office

Working from home is becoming ever more popular with more and more people creating an office environment within their home or garden. More recent trends now veer towards the garden, where purpose built studios and garden rooms can help to keep work life and home life separate.  

As with any office space, and perhaps even more true for the home office in any capacity, a garden office is somewhere you will, inevitably, be spending most of your day, so it is important that you take time to configure the design and styles to work around you and your business.

Choosing your Garden Office

Within the last few years garden offices have made huge advancements from the traditional shed with an electric heater. Garden offices come in a range of designs and include heating, electricity, telephone lines and internet. Modern Garden offices are double glazed and can be locked securely to keep all your work documents and equipment safe.

If you choose to go with an Atelier design, you can customise almost all the aspects of your garden studio; from specialist glazing options, to mix and match colour combinations and textures, to architectural features such as our cutting edge aluminium fins, or brand new parallel hinged window technology. We also offer automatic or manual ventilation, a choice of interior finished and a variety of ways in which you can dictate the footprint on your garden office, to best suit the needs of your business.

Positioning your Garden Office

A garden office is ideally situated to being positioned in a quiet, undisturbed area which is well lit and easy to access. Although it is important to position your garden office somewhere which will help inspire your work; tucked away at the bottom of the garden rather than facing a pavement or road where you may be distracted by passersby and goings on outside.

Most garden offices don’t require planning permission, but it is always worth checking especially if your house is a listed building or in a conservation area. There are however some guidelines for permitted development which should always be referred to and adhered to (you can download our helpful guide via the link below).

Furnishing your garden office

Garden offices are the ideal opportunity to have a functional and stylish office. As a garden office is so close to your home you can furnish it in a similar way. It can be less formal and you can use more colour. Stylish shelving can be installed to store any books and papers which you may use.

We can cost in under floor heating to keep you cosy during winter, or compartmentalise the interior spaces for you to furnish as separate zones. What’s more, as our atelier garden studios are customised and designed by you, the owner, you can work around colour schemes and preferences from day one – giving your finished office a fluid, professional and modern aesthetic sure to impress any potential clients or collaborators.

For further information on planning your garden office or studio, download our Permitted Development Guide or request a brochure.

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