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Green Fingers / 20 Jul 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Put the Garden In Your Garden Studio

What would a garden studio be without a garden? A very lonely, rather out of place building, one would assume, that raises the question ‘who put that there then?’

Much like the doctors Tardis, a garden studio without a garden would stand out like a sore thumb. Also, there wouldn’t really be much point, and you’d have a job calling your structure a garden studio were you to invest in one sans garden. So, we can pretty much all agree that if there’s one thing you need, to make your garden studio look truly at home, it’s a garden…and if you can make it a pretty decent garden, you’ll be on to a winner.

What’s more, thanks to Atelier Garden Studios glazed aspects, you can even bring some garden into your garden studio, blending it beautifully with nature. This is a great idea when plants need a pampering start to their life, and would usually be kept in a greenhouse or cold frame to sprout and grow strong.

If your garden is a little more low maintenance than that, incorporating houseplants, cacti or even a herb planter, into the interior of your garden studio will blur boundaries between inside and out – something Atelier Garden Studios are already great for. You’ll also find that these indoor plants (as well as any you many shelter in your studio to get going) will filter your air, keeping it clean and fresh and giving you a much healthier work environment.

Plants are a great addition to any office or space, and your garden studio is no exception, despite its proximity to your garden proper. You’ll notice immediately the mood boosting qualities of a lush garden beyond your glazed studio walls combined with indoor plants and foliage.

So, if you’ve got a garden just perfect for a garden studio, design your dream space with us – and then fill it with flora!

To find out more information about our garden studio options you can download a free copy of the Atelier Garden Studio’s brochure here.

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