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Working From Home/ 12 Nov 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Saving The World One Commute at A Time

The world has been ending for quite some time now; but as it turns out the Mayans got it wrong and ancient dating (of the calendar kind) isn’t so hot, it’s best we put our trust firmly in science.  We are, of course, talking about global warming and the damage us humans have been doing to our planet for centuries now.  

Luckily, global warming is a disaster we can look to reverse; unlike zombie plagues we actually stand a pretty good chance of fighting back, without running the risk of becoming a race of immortal cannibals. Now, when we put it like that, combatting climate change seems to be the obvious choice when it comes to saving the world, and ensuring our future. Rather that than a battle with the walking dead!

There are many ways we can begin to change our lifestyles and turn climate change around; going completely off grid, harvesting rain water, growing our own sustenance and even purchasing the right brand of toilet paper! But have you ever thought about how much your carbon footprint would shrink if you could cancel your daily commute?

If you travel by car, then your daily journey to and from the office is not only a waste of time, but also a huge contributor towards your carbon footprint. By dropping the commute you’re not only saving the time, fuel and energy you would have expended on the way into the office – you’re saving the world, one commute at a time!

Without the tiresome commute back and forth every day, you’ll soon drop a (carbon) foot size.  And that’s not all, because Atelier Garden Studios are made with the highest quality materials, we can guarantee top thermal efficiency which, in turn, shrinks that foot print even further. Thanks to the thermal properties of aluminium and our own thermal break technology, as well as optional specialist glass choices for solar control, your garden studio will stay toasty with very little need for heating.

So not only have you dropped your commute, if your office is anything like many we’ve seen, you’ll have dropped the dodgy always-on-never-warm heating system (most likely last updated in 1912) as well as the energy sucking space heaters employed to pick up the slack.

Okay, so just because you’re no longer heading to the office, it doesn’t mean your remaining in house colleagues will sit and freeze, but with a move towards remote working happening throughout the world, you might just have planted the seed needed for your whole organisation to begin working from home!

If you want to save the world from the comfort of an Atelier Garden Studio get in touch with our team of superheroes (of the engineering and design variety) today!

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