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Design Stuff/ 24 Aug 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

Shed of the year 2016

Shed of The Year has come to an end for 2016. The entire team here at Atelier have been on the edge of our seats throughout the competition, waiting to see which sensational shed would take the crown for 2016.

There were some fantastic contenders for this year’s prize, with categories for everything from cabins and summer houses, to budget sheds and (our particular favourites) workshops and studios. In fact, the categories were so broad, you’d easily be forgiven for shouting ‘that’s not a shed’ at each and every one of the innovative and interesting outdoor spaces entered into the competition.

The thing is, the term shed doesn’t really do the vast range of architectural designs and clever creations showcased by Shed of the Year justice. When we think of the shed, we think of a tumble down timber building, hidden as well as can be down at the bottom of the garden and containing little more than old patio furniture and a lonely lawn mower – but that’s vast becoming an outdated view of the gardeners retreat.

Today the shed is still a space to retreat to, but with architectural advances and some pretty brilliant new permitted development rules, the shed is no longer confined to what is needed and has now made the futuristic leap into what is wanted. Function has finally met form, in the world of the shed and in few places is this more apparent than this year’s line-up for Shed of the Year.

The West Wing, the 2016 winner of the show, portrays this evolution beautifully – using the traditional shed building material of wood, to create a space which is as far from the traditional idea of the shed as it’s possible for a wooden structure to be. The West Wing, which also took the top spot in the eco category of the show took 8 long years of stunning craftsmanship by its owner, Kevin Herbert, to create and consists of a loft space, work room and an Alice in wonderland style playroom hidden artfully behind a solid wood book case.

Competition was tight however, with many beautiful entries such as a star wars themed outbuilding and The Shed of Dreams, which took first place in the cabin and summerhouses category and even a simple budget shed built for an unbelievable £20.

One thing they all had in common though, was the idea of the shed as a space to spend time in and while away a few hours relaxing. Which is something we advocate entirely, for anyone who needs more space in the home or simply once a place to call entirely their own. Our Atelier Garden Studios are perfect for just that and thanks to our customisable modular system, mix and match colours and contemporary accessories, such as parallel hinged windows and bi-folding doors, you can create a space which works for you.

Have a look at our myriad of options and start design your studio today – you never know, it could be you winning shed of the year for 2017 and joining the winning ranks alongside Kevin and The West Wing.

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