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/ 22 Apr 2015 / By Emily Hirschmann

Sheds with Attitude!

We once knew a man who referred to his £5,000 camera as a toy. The amount he spent on photographic equipment could feed a small family for a year. He carried around lenses as long as your arm and tripods that could probably be used to support subsiding buildings. Photography wasn't his job; he actually worked for the RNLI, but it was his passion, yet he still thought of the equipment as nothing more than big boys' toys.

How could we be offended then, when he one day expressed an interest in Atelier, saying that he was looking for a glorified shed;the kind of a shed with attitude.

Luxury Shed or Home Office with Atelier Garden Studios you're the boss! A shed probably isn't the most flattering term our friend could have used for our finely crafted garden rooms, but there's been a move in recent years towards what the media are terming, the shed, a beautiful detached rooms where you'd shudder to store a muddy shovel. Some of them are formed from traditional wooden slats and made wonderful by a little imagination, while others exhibit imagination at work elsewhere, with structures being formed from old shipping crates, natural garden waste or being built from brick to create two-storey wonders; miniature dwellings in their own right. We wouldn't call them sheds, but their owners do. And thinking about it, an Atelier Garden Room could offer the perfect solution for anyone looking for a shed with attitude. It is, after all, gardening season. Made from a completely customisable modular system, Atelier Garden Rooms can be created to fit almost any situation, answer almost any need and installed in almost any garden. You can opt for curvy corners, or sharp lines, you can choose how much glazing you want and where to put it, and like a posh shed, you can use it however you like. While we might worry about you storing your lawn mower in it, an Atelier Garden Room can be exactly that; a place to store precious seeds, study interesting flora, display your prize specimens or relax with the latest volume from the RHS. It could be your place to channel Monty Don, to write your landmark horticultural best seller, before you retire on the profits! In short, Atelier Garden Rooms give you the opportunity to create a space that's entirely yours, whether you think of it as a writing room, a home office, a meditation suit, or a shed with attitude.


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