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Uses, Baking/ 8 Oct 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

The Artisanal Bake Off

We’re going to take it as read that most of you, being primarily the great British public, will have been watching The Great British Bake Off (and probably drooling a bit) and here at Atelier, we’re no exception!

Now maybe this one is just us but every week we find ourselves side tracked by discussions about the bake off tent. Don’t get us wrong, we’re mainly there for the cakes – who doesn’t want to see a perfectly crafted cake complete with its very own crown, to compare their own soggy bottomed Victoria Sponge with later down the line?

But it’s not just the schandenfreud at seeing an architecturally crafted cake tower buckle under the weight of its own walnut topping that keeps our eyes glued to the screen – we just can’t get enough of the baking stations, the tent, that little marquee where Mary and Paul hoard all the bakes and the interior design in general (very she shed, we thinks).

All this got us thinking and we realised what a perfect Bake Off Station one of our Atelier Garden Studios would make. For professional bakers and hobbyists alike a garden studio could be the perfect answer to keeping sticky fingers and hungry strays out of your latest creation. Plus, the décor may be beautiful in the Bake Off tent but we’re willing to be that one of our studios would stand up much better to the British weather!

If you’re an artisanal or independent baker just imagine being able to shoot out the world whilst you craft your sweet treats. Often independent bakers are forced to rent kitchen space but with an Atelier Garden Studio you can create a space all your own.

Personally we’d love to see an Atelier Garden Studio decked out a la Bake Off but you can dress your space however you like and with built in electrical units and customisable options fitting a kitchen into the studio is no problem – although we’ll leave it up to you to find the perfect one!

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