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Lifestyle/ 25 May 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

The Atelierista

We came a across a new word the other day that really took our fancy.

Atelierista – a person who works within an atelier.

Now, the dictionary definition of an atelier is ‘a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer,’ as opposed to Atelier, who are the creators of said studios, with a luxurious, customisable twist! (That’s us, by the way!)

While the traditional atelier had something of a rustic, homespun edge, the modern structure has a contemporary, refined air, and rather than being limited to use as an artisan’s studio, the atelier is now available for all walks of life, from the home-working IT professional to the tutor, novelist, musician, or artist. Essentially, if you can do it for a living, you can do it in an atelier... Possibly with the exception of brain surgeon! The motto could be something like ‘have garden, can atelier’.

So why atelierista? As with its chic linguistic associate, the fashionista, the ‘ista’ part of the word comes from the Spanish, which is the equivalent of the English ‘ist’, but while it might come with the occasionally negative connotation, in the atelier context ista has entirely lost its disparaging associations with triviality. Being an atelierista is a serious business.

The Atelier atelier is a chic and sleek construction made from a customisable collection of pods, which you can arrange to any purpose. Most people opt for a bright, well-glazed frontage with shaded sides, but the precise set up is entirely down to you, making the space suitable for almost any purpose.

The benefits of an atelier are manifold; they offer convenience, practicality, comfort, style, professionalism and adaptability, while removing the noise from home, the need and cost of the daily commute and the expenses associated with renting or buying a remote office. An Atelier garden room gives you privacy when you need to invite in clients, yet allows you to keep that all-important work-life balance in check; it may only be at the bottom of the garden, but the temptation to check your emails on a day off is reduced when the office PC is behind a locked door.

Whether for business or pleasure, there are endless reasons to become an atelierista; it could be an aromatherapy suit, a carpentry studio, an architect’s office, a play room for the kids, a spare bedroom for guests, or a personal retreat when life gets too much. Or, like us, you might just want an excuse to use the word!

So go on, join the atelierati (the elite who work in a beautiful Atelier atelier... we might have made that one up); become an atelierista sista or mista; just imagine what you could do in yours.


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