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Lifestyle/ 7 Sep 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

The Generation Game

Granny flats are becoming more and more popular up and down the country – thanks to their sensible solution to housing issues and proper care for the older members of our families. Many homes are now built or sold, with the added bonus of a granny flat, giving them the edge in an overcrowded housing market.

At Atelier, we believe the key to the success of the granny flat goes further than simple semantics though. After all, the space can be as convenient as you like for those who create it, but if your gran or grandad doesn’t agree – you’re sure to hear about it. Their popularity, then, comes down to two seemingly opposing ideals: being close to the family support network, whilst retaining independence from the main household.

Most granny flats include separate kitchen and bathroom facilities (although this isn’t always necessary) and so become a modern micro home for gran or grandad; allowing them easy access to the help they may need, without taking away their ability to do things for themselves.

What’s more, atelier believes that it’s all thanks to this clever compromise that granny flats are now proving themselves equally popular with an entirely different crowd – the graduates. Termed by many, the boomerang generation, recent graduates are finding it harder than ever before to create the capital they need to settle down, purchase a property and begin their rise up the career ladder. Thanks to a myriad of factors, a mortgage just isn’t a possibility and instead they find themselves forced to return to the family home and the family routine.

Wings clipped and back in their childhood bedrooms, many disillusioned graduates are unable to see how they’ll ever gain independence from the nest. The granny flat, or graddy flat in the case of this group, offers (just as it does for the older generation) a place for university graduates to begin that journey. Remaining close to the main family for support is still a huge bonus but what perhaps appeals to the graduates even more than the grannys is the independence an annexe can bring.

Your own front door, your own kitchen cupboards and your own space can come at a premium in today’s world, which is why a garden studio come graddy flat offers the perfect solution to both the older and the younger generations alike.

To find out more about garden studios, granny and graddy flats you can download our guide to permitted development or get in touch with our experts.

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