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working from home/ 9 Mar 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

The Home Office At The Bottom Of The Garden

Studies have shown that working from home in a garden studio allows employees to work extra hours without the stress and strain caused by a daily commute to work. Working from home in a garden studio can increase productivity and the health of employees; not to mention the overlook of your home and garden.

A garden studio by Atelier can be designed and installed as a fully functional garden office. Internet, telephones, electricity and heating can be used to create an office environment and the expanses of glass make for the perfect inspirational space. For more technology filled home offices aluminium sandwich panelling can be incorporated in a bespoke design, to minimise glare. Atelier’s range of modern garden studios come in different size, shapes and specifications to suit all business needs, so you can be sure to find a model which is perfect for your needs, and your garden. And if not, you can go bespoke!

What’s more, garden studios are not just a way to stop that daily commute for larger companies but are ideal for freelance workers, start up businesses and virtual companies.

Garden studios can be designed to house a variety of rooms, using Atelier’s precision engineered, modular system, which can be tailored to each client. Meeting rooms, beauty rooms, changing rooms etc can all be added onto your garden studio so you can create a professional business environment.

Studies show that on average motorists spend 56 minutes a day commuting to and from work, with 58% of those being late for work due to heavy traffic. A motorist spends on average £454 a year on fuel just for their commute. As a result of this 68% of motorists would rather work from home if they were given the option.

Working from home requires extra space and resources which can sometimes infringe on home life. Having a garden studio designed and installed counters this by keeping all your working separated, down at the bottom of the garden, meaning your work life and home life are kept separate.

Getting a good home/work balance when working from home can be difficult but a garden studio is the perfect solution! So speak to Atelier to enquire about their full range of modular and bespoke garden studios.

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