The Man Cave offers a space within the home for the man of the house to retreat to and do his own thing. The home has long been associated with feminine ideals; but the man cave seeks to carve out a private, masculine space, at the heart of the family home.


Introducing: the ‘Man Cave'

The 'Man Cave' has been on the radar for a while now; a space glorified by the men who have one, and envied by those who are yet to claim one. We all deserve a space to call our own, and the space within the modern home is no exception to this; children have their bedrooms to retreat to, and women are often far more involved with the layout and interiors of the home in general or, like the lucky few we spoke with last year own their very own 'She Shed', so it's high time men too got a permanent part of the home to call their own. 

Somewhere between a snug, a games room and the local pub, the 'Man Cave' provides a creative space which can be used in which ever way the man in question likes; from music rooms and other hobby inspired spaces to a room which one can simply call their own. 

How To Mould Your 'Man Cave'

When we surveyed women to discuss the 'She Shed' last year we found that the 'Man Cave' was most often associated with  “gadgets, gaming, bean bags and beer” and over 50% of respondents connected the masculine space with technology.

More recently, we spoke to the men dreaming up their very own 'Man Caves' and found that the space is completely open to interpretation and can mean many things, to many men. One respondent told us that all they needed was "an area to sit and chill, with seating and zero distractions" whilst another described their ideal 'Man Cave' as an "allotment in your own home".

Perhaps our favourite comment, was the request for "lots of windows and a good view - with some heavy rain just beyond the glass" thanks to an Atelier Garden Studios' ability to provide just that! Of course, we still received the traditional response of "huge sofa, fully stocked bar, HD projector and all the sports channels on the planet" but this take on the 'Man Cave' was no longer the dominant descriptor. 

Women too, are coming around to the idea of the 'Man Cave' as more than just a space for boys to store there toys, with comments on the 'Man Caves' perceived decor "music posters and prints, old school furniture and retro sweets." We're not sure where the sweets come in, but the spaces we're seeing described are no longer quite the 'caves' they once were. 

In general, it would seem that the ‘Man Cave’ is seen as a luxurious, indulgent space, dedicated to relaxation, play and isolation from work - this response contrasts heavily with the comment we received on the 'She Shed' and tells us that men are looking for a space in which to get away from the stresses of daily life, in whatever way best suits them, rather than a place to contain them.

The Evolution

Although the 'Man Cave’ is evolving, the space is still predominantly masculine and the purpose behind the creation of a 'Man Cave' still very much centred around relaxation and seclusion. Only 35% of men have their own personal space within the home, according to the 'She Shed' survey we conducted last year, but with the popularity of the 'man cave' rising, we believe this imbalance could soon be irradiated.

The main difference, is the busted myth of the 'Man Cave' as a "dark, gloomy" space, which has opened the 'Man Cave' up to individuality and new perceptions. Men, and women if they prefer the 'Man Cave' moniker, now have the creative freedom to make their 'Man Cave' their own and create a space which is truly personal to them. Everyone's idea of relaxation is different, after all and so too is everyone's personal sanctuary.  







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