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Design/ 28 Jan 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

The Panorama: A Garden Studio with A View

Atelier Garden Studios range is ever evolving; thanks to your own input when customising our garden studios, and our constant drive to improve our offering whilst ensuring each of our studios offers something new, innovative and visually stunning.

We currently offer two standard models in our atelier garden studio range – which you can make your own through our optional extras, colours and textures and interior finishes, as well as the bespoke option, which is entirely yours to create.

  • The Vista – this little baby is the smallest in our family of garden studios; offering a beautiful, compact space at an affordable price point. The Vista is the perfect place to base your home office or alternatively, works brilliantly as a space to simply relax and shut out the world.
  • The Horizon – with its visually striking angles, clean lines and larger floor plan than its smaller sibling The Vista, The Horizon gives you the ability to split your space. Separate modules allow for compartmentalised spaces and, as with the entire atelier garden studios range, these can be configured to your specifications with our optional extras.
  • The Bespoke Option – why not design your very own garden studio using our standard range of modules? This truly is an entirely bespoke option for those looking for a little more control than our customisations can offer. The bespoke option offers a completely unique design; giving you free reign over your finished garden studio.

The popularity of our current range of garden studios has sent the engineers over at Atelier HQ back to the drawing boards to come up with something equally as stunning.

The new addition to our family of garden studios needed to be bold, its design needed to be fresh as well as highly functional – but, most importantly? It needed to look just as good as the glorious garden studios we already offer.

Our latest garden studio; The Panorama, then, is our answer to this. The panorama is the natural evolution of our largest garden studio; The Horizon, whilst offering the added bonus of panoramic views thanks to the amount of glazing and architecturally interesting shape of the studio. Boasting more floor space, more glass and bigger views than any studios before it, The Panorama is the daddy of the atelier garden studios brand.  

Built using our high quality, thermally broken aluminium and vast range of specialist glasses, optional extras, colours and textures The Panorama is built to withstand a lifetime of hard knocks and will remain warm in winter, and cool in summer. To ensure that this is a space in which productivity reigns, inspiration strikes and s**t gets done.

Find out more about The Panorama by requesting a call back or take a look here on the site.  

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