Not quite selling sea shells by the sea shore, many successful women are now taking control of a space in the home and breathing new life into neglected, dark, technology-filled ‘man caves’ across the country.


Introducing: the ‘She Shed’ Revolution

Everyone’s heard of the golden ‘Man Cave’, the space where men go to watch football, listen to nostalgic tunes and drink beer, but women need their space too and it seems that they are starting to reclaim it.  As many women make the decision to leave the corporate environment and start their own company, or turn their hobby into a business, the demand for a ‘she shed’ where women can focus is really growing.

We decided to carry out a survey that would take a real look into how many women have their own space at home and how this benefits their personal and work life. 

The ‘Man Cave’ vs The ‘She Shed’

When asked what people associate with ‘man caves’, one respondent said “gadgets, gaming, bean bags and beer” with 51% of people linking this space with technology and darkness. Surprisingly, only 5% of people referenced football when talking about the ‘man cave’, but it clearly splits opinion because others referred to it as “selfish” and “repulsive.”

These opinions on the ‘man cave’ totally contrasted those on the ‘she shed’, “a home office with a computer and desk that is light, airy and well decorated.” 37% of people described it as a pretty, light room dedicated to sanctuary and relaxation but just under 20% dismissed the phrase for being “light and fluffy.”

It does seem that the ‘she shed’ is more associated with productivity and work, while the ‘man cave’ is an indulgent space, dedicated to relaxation, play and isolation from work. 

The Revolution

Although the term ‘she shed’ is not as well-known as the ‘man cave’, the results from our survey showed that more women have their own personal space than men. A majority 56% of women said that they had their own ‘she shed’ but only 35% said their partners also had their own personal space.

It is clear that there is a need for personal space, as when asked if they would like their own ‘she shed’, 80% of respondents admitted that they would.

When it comes to those who didn’t, the biggest objection (50%) was that they did not feel the need for personal space, or they were the 20% of people who live on their own and have the whole house to themselves.

However, when you take into consideration that 52% of respondents are people who have started their own business or are at managerial level, earning around £25,000 a year, they should get more than a cramped desk in a bedroom corner or a dining room when breakfast is over. These women deserve more.

We talked to nine successful business women that run their company from home out of an office or ‘she shed’ space to see the role that it plays in their business. Read what a difference it makes here.


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