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Lifestyle/ 19 Oct 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

Top Five Garden Room Uses

Garden rooms have always been popular. Whether in the form of ancient follies, or the 21st century ‘man cave’ (AKA shed), there is something very appealing about having a separate space that is easily accessible, but detached from the rest of your home.

The Atelier modular system offers the acme of modern garden room grace, but what could your Atelier be for you?

Home Office – The beauty of using an Atelier as a home office is that it can offer all the mod-cons while removing the need for a daily commute. An Atelier office saves you time and helps to prevent distractions, meaning that you can spend more time with the family without reducing your productivity. An Atelier also provides you with a distinct working environment and a lockable door, so at the end of the day you can leave your work behind.

Writer’s or Artist’s Studio – Creative people often need a Zen space to access their muse. Bright and airy, with large windows, sliding doors and a work area configured to suit your particular needs, an Atelier garden room could be just the thing to set your artistic juices flowing.

Home Gym – How many stubbed toes does it take to start a perpetual argument? When unsuspecting feet regularly impact upon abandoned weights it’s time to move your exercise regime out of the house and an Atelier garden room provides the perfect relocation venue. Bright, private and customisable, with fantastic ventilation (too hot? slide back the doors and let the fresh air in!) and easy access to the house, there really is no better solution.

Music Room – Music is a personal thing, so whether you like to listen in piece, or practise loudly, it can be useful to have a private place to decamp to when you want to enjoy your favourite pastime. Large enough to fit in a jam session; far enough to observe recorder practise without having to listen to it; cosy enough to relax with your vinyl; an Atelier garden room covers all bases.

Guest Bedroom – Adding an extra bedroom to your home can be costly, intrusive and often impractical, but because an Atelier can be sited almost anywhere on your land it opens up a wealth of opportunities. Being warm, attractive and purpose-built, an Atelier structure could be the perfect spare room, providing appealing, easily accessible accommodation for your guests, while ensuring that you both retain your privacy.

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