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Top Tips/ 25 Nov 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Top Ways To Use Your Garden Studio

One of the best things about an Atelier Garden Studio is their versatility – you have the luxury of creating a space perfect for, well, whatever you need it for! Business people, artisans, fitness lovers and hobbyists can all equally enjoy the space an Atelier Garden Studio provides.

You may already have heard that we’re currently running a Case Study Offer – looking for those of you out there who have some truly fantastic ways to use your garden studio in mind! If that sounds like you, work with us to design and build your new sanctuary and we’ll thank you with a substantial discount.

If, on the other hand, you’re simply a fan of The Vistas clean lines and elegant size or longing to look out through The Horizon’s angles, but you’re not sure what you’d use one for we’ve put together our top ways to use your garden studio.

  1. Make Sweet Music

With soundproofing as standard and enough room to swing a tv or two (not that we’d recommend throwing anything in glass houses) The Vista provides the perfect place for band practices that won’t annoy the neighbours, composing when concentration is needed, and jamming with friends alike. So whether music is your life or you simply enjoy strumming alog to your favourites an Atelier Garden Studio could become the perfect place to make your music.

  1. Take Productivity to New Heights

If you work from home, you’ll know all too well the daily stresses of maintaining a work life balance and actually getting some work done. With family in and out and pets, and personal call and I’m-only-popping-in arrivals, it can sometimes be difficult to get anything done. Safe in the sanctuary of your Atelier Garden Studio come home office, however, you can take productivity to new heights as light floods the space and soundproofing keeps the noise of animals and children away.

  1. Get Creative

When it comes to getting creative with any medium, an Atelier Garden Studio will work wonders on your mind set, being close to nature and getting your full fill of natural sunlight means brain waves will be at their peak and inspiration never too far away. Plus, if it’s creativity you’re looking for, what better than designing your very own studio? With our customisable cladding, interior finishing options and mix and match colours and textures, you can get creative before you even step into your space!

There are literally hundreds of ways to use a garden studio, and with house prices on the increase and new build homes getting smaller, it always pays to have a little more space around the home, without the interruption of a home extension.

Apply for our Case Study Offer now to let us know how you’d use your Atelier Garden Studio.

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