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/ 21 Apr 2015 / By Emily Hirschmann

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us” Winston Churchill

Regular visitors to these pages will know that at Atelier we put a lot of stock into the importance of architectural design. We believe that the way that a building is put together, the layout of its rooms, the flow and interconnectivity of private and open spaces directly impacts upon the way that it is used and the pleasure that it will bring. However, as with so many other things, Winston Churchill was right; we don’t just shape the buildings we live in, they shape us too.

It starts with the little things; what time the sunlight peeps through your window; whether you take a daily bath or shower and if you have any choice in the matter; if your culinary delights and ambitions are stunted by a compact kitchen; and most importantly of all, whether or not it’s a joy to return home. Where we live and work impacts hugely upon our mood, lifestyle and productivity. At Apropos, we’ve always seen it as our role to help people get the very best out of the space they have available to them.

This ethos therefore governs the creation of our modular range of Garden Studios. The Atelier aim is to deliver personalised spaces for people to call their own, not only because they use them and paid for them, but because they designed them themselves.

Created using a modular system, Atelier studios and garden rooms allow customers to select and connect beautifully crafted prefabricated components to form original pieces of functional architecture… It’s a bit like having a Lego or Mechano set, only bigger!

Once a plan has been settled on – with or without the help of an Atelier designer – an expert team will deliver and assemble your new garden room – unless our reference to David Beckham’s favourite kid’s toy, Lego, has set your hands itching to construct. After that, you get to choose what to do with it, and that’s where the fun begins!

You may be wondering how having a garden room could possibly shape you, but it’s a fairly obvious equation: You + Atelier = dream fulfilment.

Is that overstating things? We think not. Consider your lifestyle and the things that get in your way.

Perhaps you want to exercise more, but limited space means that you have to store your equipment after each use. Wouldn’t you use it more if it was readily available?

Perhaps you have a novel within you, but lack the quietude to think it through. Wouldn’t a garden room give you somewhere to go find the peace and thinking/writing time you need?

Perhaps you’re self-employed, but hire an office. Think of the money and travel time you’d save if your office was in your garden!

Lifestyles change according to the spaces in which they are lived. Perhaps Atelier can help change yours for the better.

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