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Top Tips/ 10 Aug 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

What is Permitted Development?

Permitted Development? We’ve got you covered!

Permitted development, planning permission, building regulations – it’s all rather boring isn’t it? The whole system, quite frankly, seems designed to keep you on your couch. After all, we all know how important these things are when it comes to extending our available living space, but no one outside of the industry really gets it, do they? It’s all a bit jargon. It’s all a bit mathematical. It’s all a bit too much, if you ask us.

The problem with that is, that our customisable garden studios come with one huge benefit, in most cases; they fall within your permitted development rights. Which is actually pretty huge, if you’re looking to create some additional living space on your property. If very few people actually understand their permitted development rights though, it’s very hard to get that message across and although the government has made information readily available on the internet it isn’t always easy to follow (or find).

Absolute gems that we are, we’ve put together our own guide to permitted development with regards to garden studios and outbuilding – so that you need look no further. Yes, we’re just that kind, and as it’s proven pretty popular already, we thought you’d also like to know that it’s completely free.

So, if you’ve been considering designing one of our contemporary garden studios for yourself, but haven’t been able to get your head around how the planning and permitted development laws work, we’ve got you covered. You can download the guide at the click of a button here, and then begin planning your new inspirational garden studio (and all the fantastic things you can create within it).

Get your copy now!

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