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Lifestyle/ 29 Mar 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Whatever You Want It To Be

A garden studio is an architectural chameleon, taking on any guise, and any purpose, you need it to. Garden studios can be used for play rooms, offices, beauty treatment rooms, home gyms, saunas, games rooms, chill out areas or as a garden office– and with our custom designed modular system, the possibilities really are endless.

Using your garden studio

Working from home is the perfect excuse to have a studio installed in your garden. A garden studio will allow you to keep all your work life separate from your home life, won’t deprive you of any space with your home and will look especially impressive when client meetings and presentations crop up.

Whatever your profession, making the decision to start working from a modern garden studio space, will help grow your business in brand new ways.

Alternatively, you can use your garden studio for any number of other things – if you need a space for it, we can design it. Or rather, you can design in, thanks to our fully customisable model.

Garden studio community

What’s more, the growing popularity of gorgeous garden studios and the ease they bring to working from home, has prompted the birth of a close knit virtual community.

This virtual community of garden studio owners comes under many names including shed workers. The internet has enabled these ‘shed workers’ to stay in touch using blogs and social networks. These blogs and social networking sites have also been used to help people who want to buy a garden studio and become part of the shed working community.

So, you can get help, advice and insights from someone who’s been there and done it all, before purchasing your own garden room, and continue to enjoy chatting to likeminded people once you’ve moved into your new office.

All work, all play

Your garden studio doesn’t need to be all work and no play though, it can be used to house food when hosting your annual garden party or as a play room for the kids which keeps the mess out of your house.

A garden studio can also be installed and used as a sauna or to cover up a hot tub. Maybe you need a multifunctional space to help transaction between work and craft projects, or an art studio removed from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Maybe you just need more space to yourself and want to go down the man cave/ she shed route.

Whatever your plans, the possibilities for a garden studio are endless.

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