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Working From Home/ 21 Sep 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

What's Your Work Style?

At Atelier our garden studios and office pods are popular with a whole host of different people; from creatives, to chill seekers, fitness enthusiasts and boomerang kids, but nowhere are they more popular than with the home workers.

Home working is a relatively new phenomenon but more and more companies are choosing to allow their employees to work remotely (Atelier included) along with the many people choosing to take on freelance or self-employed careers. This rise in the home worker has led to many innovations; cloud sharing, new job opportunities and a huge shift in the way we juggle work life balance, but one of the greatest products to come out of the home working revolution has to be the garden studio.

Garden studios offer home workers a space from which to get on with the daily grind, without the usual distraction and debris of a traditional shared office space. Garden studios, instead, allow people to create their own working style and nurture an atmosphere which is perfectly attuned to their personal working needs.

After all, we all have different work styles wherever we happen to work from, and home workers are no different. Whilst some may be happy and productive sat in their PJ’s on a comfy couch all day, others need the structure of an office space and a normal daily routine where they dress each morning and ‘show up’ for work just as they would when going into a shared office.

Whatever your work style, Ateliers customisable and modular garden studio system offers something for everyone and can be built around you and the things that get you going in the morning. If it’s bright inspirational space you’re after, we’ve got you covered, if you need shaded areas for screens or fancy some funky colour to liven things up, we can arrange that ad if you’d rather have the best of both worlds, with a little bit of everything, we’re more than happy to provide.

To help you decide which working space is the right one for you, we’ve put together a quick quiz which will work out exactly what you need from your home office, or traditional office, environment.

You can take the quiz here to uncover your most productive working style, and don’t forget to share it on social media!

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