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Top Tips/ 8 Jun 2017 / By Hannah Barnes

Whats Your Work Style?

If there are two things we're completely obsessed with in the 21st century, it's understanding ourselves as individuals; things we like, things we don't, experiences we've had and the interests we choose, and online quizes.

Of course, it's through those highly philosophical quizes, that we find a deeper understanding of who we are and get to know ourselves all the better...isn't it? Either way, we've put one together for you!

Our garden studios offer a range of different styles perfectly suited tothe 21st century individual. You can use one of our standard models as a starting point, adding custom options or extra modules, to create the ideal space for you. Or, go entirely bespoke, and create a structure that suits you from scratch. 

Whether working from your new structure, or not, take our quiz to find out which style best suits you, before getting started with your design. 

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