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/ 17 Apr 2015 / By Emily Hirschmann

Why Choose Atelier?

Garden rooms are growing in popularity, and more companies are offering them, making the decision of what structure could work for you far more complicated. There’s the brick ‘granny flat’ style; the wooden ‘shed with a bed’; the all-glass summer house; the recycled shipping crate; and then, there’s Atelier.

Competition is good for the soul; it makes you strive to deliver the best on every level; functionality; service; style. At Atelier, our constant goal is to achieve that and more, for every customer we work with. This is why we think we stand out from the crowd.
Eight Reasons to Choose Atelier

Your space: your design – Atelier garden rooms are made up of fully customisable modules, meaning that you can configure them in an almost endless variety of ways, to create the perfect space. The design can be entirely your own, but if you do want a helping hand, the Atelier team are always there to assist however they can.
All spaces great and small – Because of the unique modular system, space need be no object. Whether your garden is a small, suburban strip, or a vast country estate, we can help you to find a spot where an Atelier could sit comfortably.
Sustainable materials – At Atelier we believe in providing for the future, so we make sure that all of the timber used in our structures is sustainably sourced.
Minimal disruption – As most of the parts involved in an Atelier garden studio are prefabricated, the construction is entirely fuss-free, when compared with the alternatives. This means that most of the dust, noise and disruption associated with construction need not apply.
Expertise – We’re experts at what we do –down to every detail – and we’re constantly working to find new, improved methods and materials, so that you always get the very best.
Build time – While a ‘bricks and mortar’ garden room might take weeks, or even months to construct, the average Atelier structure can be ready to use in a matter of days. From design submission to completion can take as little as ** weeks.
Glorious glazing – By employing the decades of expertise of our sister company, Apropos, we are able to offer you a choice of glazing created to suit any environment – for a full list, click here. We also offer Apropos’ hugely popular folding-sliding doors as part of the Atelier garden studio package, giving you the option to let as much of the outside in as you wish.
No compromise – Every Atelier is made by experts, using the very best materials, so the build will be beautifully finished, perfectly sound-proofed, artfully insulated and, much like Mary Poppins; ‘practically perfect in every way.’

How you use your garden room is entirely down to you, but whatever you have in mind, you can be confident that Atelier will deliver.

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