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Man Cave Evolution/ 27 Apr 2016 / By Emily Hirschmann

Why Every Man Needs A Man Cave…

It could almost be viewed as a worm that turned; an example of backfiring sexism. It was men who said that a ‘woman’s place is in the home’, so women took them at their word and made the home their own.

They brought in floral fabrics; they scattered cushions and lit scented candles; they cleaned and they organised and they carefully removed all trace of their partner’s manly presence, with the exception of a single leaf of the wardrobe and a kitchen drawer full of batteries, string and allen keys. And the stats seem to prove it; with 56% of women claiming personal space in the home, compared to only 38% of their male partners.

For decades, men of the world accepted the fate that they had brought upon themselves, but then a few doughty souls discovered the shed and the secret joys a personal, if draughty, space could bring. And thus the Man Cave was rediscovered and the male emancipation movement began - a Man Cave Evolution, if you will. 

Recent research has shown that having a space to call your own, is actually a psychological imperative for all human beings. Not only does the establishment of such a space allow for creative expression, but subconsciously it answers a person’s emotional needs, and in nurturing the individual and providing an outlet for stress, this ‘room of one’s own’ helps to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

While a shabby shed might suffice, modern man likes his comforts, which is where an Atelier Garden Room could come in. Fully customisable, and available in practically any size or shape, the modular Atelier system allows you to create a completely detached independent room with all the mod cons; sound-proofing, insulation, electricity, wifi, custom glazing. Whatever your tastes and needs for your Man Cave, Atelier can oblige, anywhere in your garden.

We spoke to a small focus group of men about their ideal space - and if once things for sure, it's that kitting out one’s Man Cave is a very personal project! So, it might seem presumptuous of us to tell you how to do it. However, here’s our rough guide to Man Cave contentment:

  • Be selfish; this is your space, so only your tastes need be catered for.
  • Install your favourite chair; it doesn’t matter if it matches the rest of the furniture, or if it’s tatty and threadbare; if you like it, it’s perfect.
  • Fill the space with things you’re ‘not allowed’ in the house; who cares if you never use that bench-press; if you’ve always wanted one, the Man Cave can accommodate.
  • Provide entertainment; whether computer games, DVDs, a wood working bench or walls full of books.
  • A fridge is always handy – for when hunting & gathering just isn’t an option!

A Man Cave is an essential in the hurly burly of modern life, so if you’re going to do it, why not do it in style?

Give Atelier a shout; we’d love to help you build a thoroughly modern cave of manly proportions. 

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