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Seasonal/ 15 Nov 2015 / By Hannah Barnes

Winter Oasis

We recently heard, from our friends over at Mellow Duck, that a third of UK home owners still have unfinished home improvement projects in their stars. In the run up to the festive season can you think of anything worse than the stress of living on a building site?

The well-known adage states that home improvements can be some of the most stress inducing things we can take part in….and I think we can all agree that December 25th falls pretty high on that list too! Luckily, 68% of the third have only small decorating jobs left to tackle, but even so, now is not the time to be taking on projects inside the home.

But what about outside? The garden won’t get much love over autumn and into winter, whereas the areas inside your home are going to be bustling with seasonal cheer and tons of brightly coloured paper – it’s really the only practical place for any home improvement project (or peace and quiet) at this time of year.

There are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your garden for the winter season but to create a winter oasis, what you need is a garden studio. The installation of our garden studios is efficient and won’t disrupt life within your home during the winter months. You can create your own oasis without creating any stress. You might even have a little fun customising your garden studio in a myriad of ways, from selecting your colour palette and texture to choosing your preferred finish and glass types.

By choosing to install a garden studio in your outside space in lieu of improving your inside space during yuletide you’re not only saving yourself stress, but creating the perfect place to relax in should it strike regardless. 

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