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Top Tips/ 12 Oct 2016 / By Hannah Barnes

Work From Home Success!

Working from home is the dream for many; no boss looming, no clock-watching, and – glory be! – no commute. It can be the best of all worlds, but demands from the kids and the distraction of household chores conspire to take you away from your work, while honest-to-goodness procrastination can easily become an art form – ask Dave Gorman how he began his infamous Googlewhack Adventure.

At Atelier we think that working from home can be glorious, but we also think that to do it well the three Be’s need to be adhered to… These are our top tips for getting in the home-working groove.

Be Prepared – The work/life ratio becomes easier to balance if you have somewhere to go with definite boundaries. An Atelier Garden Studio offers more than a door of multifunction; shutting out interruptions and shutting work in. It is a sleek, tailor-made space created to home all the equipment you need. It can be linked to mains power and the telephone network, which also allows you to keep business expenses separate from home finances.

Be Organised – Research shows that an uncluttered workspace increases productivity significantly, so just imagine the benefits of a bespoke glass office created to provide the exact environment – and storage space – you need to work flexibly and productively. While flexibility is a major home-working boon, a routine ensures that your deadlines are always met, so get up, get dressed, get to your office and get your job done, scheduling breaks to boost concentration.

Be Inspired – When your place of work is a thing of beauty, being there ceases to be a chore. While we can’t promise an end to professional headaches, an Atelier Garden Studio can motivate and enthuse on the most difficult of days… And when things get too much, there’s always the kitchen just across the lawn, meaning that lunch need no longer be a cardboard-boxed affair.

Like everything else in life, working from home has its pros and its cons. Recently, and somewhat controversially, Yahoo! revoked home working privileges from their staff, because of the procrastination factor – oh social media, you’re such a floozy! – but if you do things properly home working can save time and money, reduce environmental impact, and deliver an unrivalled sense of achievement.

We may be biased, but we think that an Atelier Garden Studio covers all bases, delivering a vibrant, efficient and stimulating environment, or as the estate agents would put it; ‘Premium office space… at the foot of your garden.’

Get in touch with us today to find out more about what an Atelier Garden Studio could do for you work/life balance!

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